MX3 Adventure freeze-dried meal is the leading brand of freeze-dried food and has been the choice of backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for over 10 years. The freeze-dried meals are tasty, light weight and retains the nutritional quality of the food.

The advantage of freeze-dried meals lies in its practicality, since it only requires water and only a few minutes to rehydrate. You simply snip off the top of the bag (above the resealing strip), open it up, spread the base which enables the pouch to stand up and pour in boiling water up to the indicated fill line, stir the contents, reseal the bag, wait for 15 minutes. Open up pouch again, stir again, and eat straight from the packet.

We have a great range of breakfast, main meals and desserts that will bring you a complete meal and the energy required for your activities.

MX3 Adventure Meals

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