Beyond The Beaten Track

Beyond The Beaten Track (BTBT) is a consumer brand aimed at the outdoors enthusiast. Utilising expertise from within the Vestey Foods Group (

We have developed & sourced a range of ambient, long shelf life, food products suitable for sustaining people whilst outdoors, in some of the most challenging environments.

BTBT products are now available for purchase at the following leading retail outlets and online shops;

Company No of stores or online Web Address Products Sold
Adventure 1
online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
Adventure Nutrition
online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
Airosoft Heaven
online Rations
Ammo & Company Limited online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
Army & Navy Surplus Stores online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
Army Gear (based in Norway) online Hot Meal Kits/Rations
Base Camp Food
1 Freeze dry/Readyto Eat/Hot Meal Kits
BDU Imports (Bushcraft Store )
1 Freeze dry/Ready to Eat/Hot Meal Kits
Bever (based in the Nederlands)
online Components
Blekingeutsida (based in Sweden) online Hot Meal Kits
Commando Army Wear Ltd (Mean and Green)
online Ready to Eat/Rations
Cotswold Outdoor
69 Freeze dry/Ready to Eat/Rations
Craigdon Mountain Sports
online Freeze dry
Dauerbrot (based in Germany)
online Freeze dry/Hot Meal Kits
Ellis Brigham Mountain Sport Equipment
23 Freeze dry
Emergency Food Storage
online Freeze dry/Rations
1 Freeze dry/Ready to Eat/Rations/Hot Meal Kits
online Freeze dry
George Fisher Ltd
online Freeze dry
Heswall Army & Navy Stores Ltd
online Ready to Eat
Hitch N Hike Ltd
online Freeze dry
Needle Sports Racekit Ltd
online Freeze dry
Nevisport Fort William
14 Freeze dry
Nicks Kit
online Rations
PC Accessories online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
Preppers Shop UK 1 Freeze dry/Rations
ProAdventure Ltd online Ready to Eat/Rations
Project X Adventures Ltd online Ready to Eat
Quartermaster Kit Store online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat/Rations
RaceKit 1 Freeze dry
Snow and Rock online Freeze dry
SP Service UK online Ready to Eat
Surplus & Adventure (based in Malta) online Hot Meal Kits
The Climbers Shop 1 Freeze dry
TISO 16 Freeze dry/Ready to Eat/Hot Meal Kits
Trailcook online Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
Ultralight Outdoor Gear Ltd online Freeze dry
Up and Under online Freeze dry
Yoemans 70 Freeze dry/Ready to Eat
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